Managing Online Store for Micro Business

Using the method of payment that is practical and easy to understand customers is an important point in building a successful online store. If your target market is the Indonesian people, you cukupbisa using Interbank Transfer payment method, either through ATM, SMS Banking and Internet Banking. That way customers shop online you will find it easy to make payments.

After deciding what payment method most convenient for your customers, then give your customers several options for the payment method.
For example: If you decide a payment can be made via bank transfer, then give the bank for the payment option.
Besides using the Joint Account is also a good choice for safety and convenience of transacting with new prospects.

Hope each customer after the payment is completed as soon as possible accept consignments that have dipesanya.Oleh appropriate because it as an online store owner should never menunda2 delivery of goods, and do some research first to determine shipping service capable of rapid delivery, accurate and guaranteed. some of the most commonly used delivery services for local delivery such as Tiki, JNE or POS can also be a partner in your penginapan business.

No matter how canggif your system online store ..
No matter how adore, do your online store ..
But How maximum service / services you are able to give to your online customers who are able to make your online store shoppers crowded??
Customers only see and judge the services you able to give both before and after purchase.

The importance of maintaining customer confidence can do with after sales service continuously.
Get as many repeat customers, and customers will continue to invite others to become new customers for you.
Not getting a new replacement of as much, and customers are all long forgotten.